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Employee or Customer Appreciation BBQ, Sunset, Blockbuster Movie

Friends & Family BBQ, Sunset, Blockbuster Movie in your own Backyard

If your company or family would like to celebrate SoCal summer with a fun and unique outdoor party, Silverleaf is a great option. Our two screens, "Big" and "Bigger", allow for small, medium, and large parties. From a romantic couples date or small group of VIP's, up to a 750 person festival, Silverleaf brings the goods anywhere in Southern California. My "Best in Industry" mobile outdoor movie theater really brings the "Wow" factor.

Silverleaf easily turns a backyard, courtyard, park, parking lot, driveway, cul de sac, or golf course into a state of the art outdoor theater and party zone. Beyond the "Wow", it is also the easiest event to host. We bring a unique and fun party for any group you may have in mind. Whether you need to party with 7 or 700, or any point in between, Silverleaf can rock your audience. 

Unique ~ Easy ~ Outdoors ~ Fun ~ Casual Classy

Holiday Perfection

We set everything up hours early. This allows for you to be ready for the pre-movie social leading up to the movie. The screen makes for a festive party backdrop and my sound system can be used for your music during the social. Everyone enjoys the sunset and then your favorite movie bursts onto the big screen.​

California ~ Oregon ~ Washington ~ Arizona

Family And business themes

There is a movie to match any theme. You are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few favorites.

  • Western BBQ and "Tombstone" 
  • Italian Date Night "Under the Tuscan Sun"
  • Retro Kid "The Wizard of Oz" and Hot Dogs
  • Beatles & Brew "A Hard Days Night" 

"Big" or "Bigger" Screen Choices

12'x7'... up to 100 people

Backyards ~ Courtyards ~ Parks ~ Anywhere you like

22'x13'... up to 700 people

Parks ~ Golf Courses ~ Parking Lots ~ Anywhere you like

Backyard Friends & Family Party

  • Friends and Family
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Family Reunion
  • Couples/Date Night
  • Clubs and Groups